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At The Foot & Wellness Centre, we are registered primary care practitioners and we offer many services. 

Having issues with ingrown toe nails?  

We treat those!

Athlete's foot, plantar warts, corns & callus, heel pain? We specialize in treatments for the foot and ankle.

We provide advice on proper footwear and  the features of a good shoe.

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NO REFERRAL needed. This means a shorter wait time for appointments.

We pride ourselves on being a patient centred care facility.  Our team works closely with clients to understand and improve the health of their feet.

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How Can Orthotics Help me?

Do I have flat feet? 

Do my feet, knees and ankles constantly feel tired and achy? Do you have areas of pressure or shearing on the bottom of your feet?

If any of this sounds familiar you may need orthotics. See our foot specialist for a consultation and biomechanical exam.

What's New?

Come in to check out our foot products!

  • Foot Creams for Dryness, Odor or Excessive Sweating.
  • Diabetic Socks
  • Yoga Toes 
  • Toe Sleeves for (corn relief)
  • Anti-Fungal Shoe Sprays

What are features of a good shoe?

Laces are best because you can modify the tightness in areas where its needed.

Make sure you have room to wiggle your toes.    

If the toebox of the shoe is too shallow or narrow then you might get blisters or calluses. Remember, if you have wide feet get a wide shoe instead of going up in size. 

General rule of thumb: if you can fold the shoe or twist lacks support and is not a good quality shoe.

Foot Notes

Did you know that our feet can carry us 3-4 times around the earth!? That is a lot of steps. Take care of your feet by following good hygiene practices and wearing good shoes. Remember, we only have one pair!

What's Happening Now

Family Foot and Wellness is accepting new patients! We are located in Prince Edward County at 45 Main St. suite 1.  At the corner of Talbot and Main St. There is ample parking in the rear of the building.


How long should my orthotics last?

Typically, around 1-2 years. However, factors that may shorten the life of your orthotics are: 

Sports, Are you using your orthotics for a high impact sport or long distance running? This could affect the material of the topcover.

Have your orthotics been exposed to water or excessive heat? 

Your age. If you are under 18yrs, you could still be growing. Your feet might have outgrown your orthotics.  If you have more questions give us a call!